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Black Jubba Ideas - CAVE

Behold the black colour Jubba! Of course, we must talk about this. With white being a classic staple for a lot of Thobes out there, let’s give some love to the Black Thobe.

Black Thobes are just as simple as a white thobe in every Muslim man`s wardrobe. We would actually argue that it is the property. They are the perfect choice for any occasion that doesn't require a suit. They are what you wear when you feel most comfortable and still want to look cool. They may be the only piece of clothing you can wear every day for a week, and no one will notice.

The black Jubba in your wardrobe is a must- fact. It is staple and can be mixed and matched with virtually all colours (if styled right!). Whether you are looking for a black smart Jubba or an Omani Jubba. You have come to the right place. Just for you, we have especially chosen the best black Jubbas available for all styles, designs and occasions. Don’t worry, we got you. Keep reading to find out more!

Black Jersey Soft Collar Thobe

An easy to wear soft jersey material Thobe, sleeves easy to roll up and zip fastening. Ideal for all seasons. Style with one of our caps for your casual everyday look.

Black Mesh Collar Thobe

A more evening inspired Thobe with our mesh designed collar and cuffed sleeves is our take on something slightly different to the ordinary black Thobe. Be mesmerising and unique for that special occasion.

Black Metal Icon Thobe

Another unique spin, our luxe tailored Jubba with metal detailing and buttoned cuffs and collar, stand out from the crown and ride your own wave with this one.

Black Pleated Omani Thobe

One of our popular choices. A more muted choice, our casual Jubba with black pleat detailing, front buttons and pockets. Comfort, easy to wear, stylish, versatile, staple, Winner.

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