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When it comes to everyday Khimars, there are a variety of different options to choose from. With so many different colours and fabrics, we are spoilt for choice. But which ones are ideal contenders for everyday wear?

You don’t want to buy cheap Khimars as they will not last with everyday wear and washing etc. spending a little bit more for the quality you are getting is ideal if you plan on wearing your Khimar every day. Khimars are great with Abayas to complete your look. Khimars can be found all over London, but the Cave should be your one stop shop for all things modest.

Continue reading to check out our picks for everyday Khimars

Feather Grey Soft Crepe Hijab

An ideal candidate for our fashion-forward ladies if you prefer neutral tones to go with your outfits. This one is a contender. Perfect for all day wear and of course, this is lightweight like all of our Hijabs.

Black Jersey Knitted Hijab

A staple jersey Hijab is a must. Not only is it comfortable to wear, it stretches and can adapt to the style you are going for. Lightweight and it will go with any colour.

Cream Cotton & Silk Hijab

Our cotton and silk blend hijab are ideal for warmer days. This Hijab is light and of course breathable in a cream colour will have you spring/summer ready.

Carbon Matte Jersey Knitted Hijab

This light jersey material is breathable and perfect for daily wear. It has a stretch within the fabric and is comfortable. You cannot go wrong.

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