Finding The Right Mens Thawb Clothing

Finding The Right Mens Thawb Clothing - CAVE

Whether for yourself or for someone else, choosing the perfect men`s Thawb clothing can be more complicated than you think. The right Thawb depends on the quality, making sure it fits properly to ensure you are getting the most for your money. The right Thawb whether it is a luxury Thawb, casual Thawbs, wedding Thawbs, the right piece can help with first impressions such as; events, Jummah, Eid or any other occasion or date in the diary.

Below we have selected a range of Thawb clothing we believe will help tie all loose ends, which we believe you will reach for time and again and overall leave you are left feeling satisfied with your purchase.

Royal Blue Omani Thobe

This royal blue is a statement Thobe for any modest man’s wardrobe. Ideal for if you want a pop of colour, this Thobe comes in a variety of different sizes, made from the finest Korean material, this soft finish Jubba can be styled for all occasions.

White Classic Collar Thobe

This classic white Jubba with a collar is a staple piece and simplistic to be worn both casual and smart. Tailored and machine washable, offering effortless and easy to maintain style.

Navy Omani Thobe

A casual spin on this navy Omani Jubba with pockets and embroidery, a soft finish with front detailing and comes in a variety of men’s sizes, can be worn on its own or with a jacket on top! Did someone say fly?

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