Getting Smart With Turkish Jubbas

Getting Smart With Turkish Jubbas - CAVE

We are going international with Turkish Jubbas. We love being inspired by cultures and how they incorporate culture into their Jubbas. Turkish Thobes are unique with details and tailoring which are to be admired.

Make some much-needed adjustments to your wardrobe this year and include some inspired pieces from different countries such as our Turkish Jubbas. This can be worn as a statement in the evening, Jummah or throughout the day.

The right style of Thobe/Jubba has everything to do with finding the right style that fits your personality. From Morocco to Turkey, below are the styles we think will look great and help you stand out.

We have selected some of the best Jubbas that are Turkish inspired. Keep on reading to check out our best picks!

Bronze Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Superb for warm days with this short Omani Thobe, bronze coloured for the ultimate warm vibe, soft material (goes without saying) and zip fastening for an easy to wear style option!

White Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

You simply cannot go wrong with white. This short-sleeved number can be worn with a sweatshirt, jacket, smart blazer over the top and any sneaker/smart shoe to accompany this classic yet versatile Jubba

White and Blue Omani Thobe with Tassel

A casual, everyday number with blue detailing across the chest, collar and sleeves, with a button opening and tassel, look fresh and fashion-forward with this unique Jubba

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