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Hijab fashion and the world of modest clothing is escalating and taking over the high street - well-known brands taking on the modest market such as: ASOS, H&M, Nike, Zara etc. However, what about the hijab market? Hijab styles are also evolving alongside the modest fashion market with different hijab colours, materials and hijab styles becoming more and more mainstream. What is the current fashion hijab and where can you find it?

This is how we came to our top selection: we have considered the general attractiveness, the material, the price (in terms of quality) and so on.

Team Cave has rated the best in hijab fashion to offer you the crème de la crème when it comes to well-made, well-designed hijabs at affordable prices. We have streamlined our top picks which are very fitting for the latest in modest fashion- our selected picks are perfect for easy hijab styles and can be worn for all occasions. What’s not to love?

Camel Soft Crepe Hijab

A colour definitely to be admired- A unique deep burnt orange, perfect for all seasons- along with all of our hijabs being made from the best light and breathable materials, you will feel comfortable and on-trend- this comes in both regular and maxi for effortless styling!

Grey Jersey Knitted Hijab

Jersey is a very popular hijab material to be used, an easy hijab style, has a good amount of stretch and will stay in place, this material is one to not be missed in your collection. This grey colour can be mixed and matched with different colours

Dusty Pink Soft Crepe Hijab

A feminine yet fun colour, perfect for warmer days will have you on trend. Pair with light tones for the perfect finishing touch to your look


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