How To Style Short Sleeves Thobes For Summer

How To Style Short Sleeves Thobes For Summer - CAVE

Prepare yourself for these cloudy, cloudy days and hot, hot nights because the summer weather is coming. Make sure your wardrobe is up to date before embarking on the warm weather adventures. The how to style short sleeved Thobes for summer will help ease the guesswork of getting dressed this summer and guide you through the season. All the styling inspiration you could ever need.

In addition to outdoor events, Ramadan and Eid must be one of the best things in summer. Because what is easier to wear than short sleeve Thobes? Whether it is a Moroccan style thobe or just a short-sleeved Jubba, nothing keeps you cooler in a heat wave (or a muggy night) than a breathable Thobe. Read on for our favourite summer Thobe styles and ways to wear them.

Bronze Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A casual styled summer inspired bronze coloured Omani Thobe made from soft fabric with embroidery is perfect for hot days in the sun. This can also be paired with a denim jacket on top and any style of shoe/sneaker. Perfectly versatile.

Tom Hardy Hubb/Love Camo Arabic Cap

Our one size fits all “Love” cap in Arabic is suited to keep the sun away. In a camouflage style, as worn by Tom Hardy. Pair with our white short- sleeve Omani Thobe for the ultimate summer fit.

Cream Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

This Jubba in cream made from soft fabric alongside a front zip and embroidery provides a little something extra for this Kandura style. Ideal for summer days to nights, pair with either one of our hoodies for a casual look for when it gets chilly.



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