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Jubbah - Cave - CAVE

If you're not a regular Jubbah fan, you probably won't appear to a special Islamic occasion wearing a Jubbah. Likewise, it is very unlikely that you will reach for the Jubbah when you meet up with your friends for a summer Iftar gathering.

The point is, there are different Jubbahs that best suit different occasions. However, there is a miracle Jubbah that works across the entire spectrum of social attitudes. Wear it to a funeral, wear it in the mosque, wear it during a wedding, wear it to a special dinner. Fascinated? We're talking about the Omani Jubbah, of course.

With all its different variations, the Omani Jubbah is undoubtedly the most versatile garment there is. But which Jubbah types should you store your wardrobe with to ensure that all bases are stylishly covered? Well, these 3 are the essentials.


White Omani Jubbah

White Omani Jubbah

This Omani Jubbah Classic has been the basis of many stylish Jubbahs for over 120 years. The fabric is quite thin compared to most other Jubbahs, which gives it a casual feel. A non-collar and a V style on the front of the Jubbah are common design features.

If there ever was a real need for men, the White Omani Jubbah is for you. This timeless piece serves as a fashion component for a variety of Jubbahs codes and is, therefore, one of the most versatile pieces in all wardrobes.

An open Omani collar Jubbah with Jubbah Trousers underneath is a perfect match for any occasion. “An Omani Jubbah with a button-down collar looks perfect in cotton trousers with a familiar white shawl.


Black Smart Jubbah

Black Smart Jubbah

Whether you're a fan of Jubbahs or not, society dictates that you'll probably have to wear a smart Jubbah at least a few times in your life. If you did not know, the black Jubbah is required most of the time.

A classic evening or business Jubbah which is originally selected to maintain smartness and keep the formality. There is also usually an option to add cufflinks of your own however with Cave you have special cufflinks that you don't need to replace. This Black Smart Jubbah can be worn for both occasional wear and also casual wear.


Short-Sleeve Jubbahs

Short Sleeve Omani Jubbah

Not so long ago, the short-sleeved Jubbah was for casual everyday wear only especially worn a lot as a nightgown. Fortunately, designers have regained this casual summer style due to its versatility and practicality in warm weather.

In recent years, it has become a vehicle for broader summer trends, from hooded short sleeve Jubbahs to thin fabric modern short sleeve Jubbahs. Regardless of your preferred way of turning your head, a short-sleeved Jubbah will go with most summer clothing, from shawls and to lighter Jubbah Trousers worn underneath.

Use it casually, usually without bending it. Make sure the sleeve does not protrude above the middle of the bicep and never wear it with a jumper.

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