Conventional Thobes Vs Cave Thobes

Lawung Thobes Vs Cave Thobes - CAVE

Thobes from conventional brands across as a  `luxury` inspired Thobe brand, with a lot of their Jubbas being more at a higher price point than Cave, however, a lot of their designs seem too simple for the type of brand they are which seems to be at the higher-end of the Thobe market. But is it worth it?

Are conventional Thobes just an overrated brand with a higher price point and fancy pictures? We take a no-nonsense approach to the Cave Thobes. A more simplistic, yet effective approach. Trying to stay true to the modest market by selling top quality Thobes with tailored fitting but is very much on trend and unique. We have a good variety of options available to suit any taste.

What do the Thobes from Cave offer in comparison to conventional Thobes? We are true to our consumers, we offer fair price points, great quality Jubbas for men and kids as well as options from classic, to occasion, to short sleeve to statement pieces. A stripped back, simplistic approach to buying online making it a more comfortable and less overwhelming experience. Here we have narrowed our top picks from all ranges for you to enjoy…

White and Orange Zipped Collar Thobe

A more modern approach to the white Thobe, a summer inspired Jubba for warmer days, with faded zip detailing and orange cuffs, for the modest man that is not afraid to be different.

Royal Blue Omani Thobe

A bold print is one to be admired. With black detailing around the cuffs and down the chest with blue tassel and our famous V-neck detailing, this Kandura inspired Jubba will have all heads turning (in a good way of course!)

Triple White Omani Thobe with Tassel

A straight to the point, no messing about Jubba is simple, yet comfortable. With pleated detailing included and V-neck design and button fastening down the front and pockets can be worn daily for all occasions.


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