Modest Dresses For All Occasions

Modest Dresses For All Occasions - CAVE

Modest dresses in the UK are growing and becoming more and more accessible. With a range of different styles, colours and designs. Which one is worth it and worth having in your wardrobe? Modest dresses can come in the form of an abaya or just a fully lined dress in general.

These days you cannot tell the difference between a modest dress and an abaya, clothing retailers such as: ASOS is slowly starting to close the gap between modest clothing and fashion. Therefore, for some, it is now easier to shop for modest clothing and still look trendy.

Fashion is always growing. Every year. Every season. The  modest abaya dress has become more fashionable and easier to wear. We summarize here the top modest dresses exclusively to Cave London that can be worn for all occasions and be essential to your wardrobe for more occasions to come.

Rust Kimono Sleeve Abaya

This deep burgundy styled abaya is suited for special occasions. This beautifully elegant dress comes with a tie-waisted belt to add a little something special. Button detailing throughout, slightly flared sleeves in a range of different sizes. Feel good in this style.

Grey Soft Touch Slip Dress  

A blank canvas can be styled and layered for your effortlessly casual daytime look. Pair with any styled kimono or open abaya over the top to complete which can be dressed up or dressed down.

Black Open Front Abaya with Buttons

This black piece abaya is a staple in your modest wardrobe. Front button detailing all the way down, subtle pleating, cuffed sleeves and waist detailing can be worn for all occasions. Versatile to be dressed for casual days or special evenings. A no brainer!

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