Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Jubba Clothing

Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Jubba Clothing - CAVE

From classic white to Moroccan inspired to Omani styled Thobes. What is the best Jubba clothing out there? It’s a fair question to ask yourself as there is just so much choice available on the market today. It all depends on the person. Every individual has their own sense of style. One person could want to opt for a classic, soft feel Thobe, the other might want to make more of a statement. Trying to find the best Jubba clothes has never been so stressful/difficult. A gap in the market that is on the rise.

At Cave we pride ourselves in finding the best clothing Jubbas. Choosing only the best materials. Catering to our customers is important, by offering a range of styles and colours that suit every need.

Whether it is a type of material, colour, design, practicality or sizing options that you are after. We got you. Whatever you choose, make sure you are the most keenly dressed movers in the mosque with our ultimate list. Here we have pin-pointed our personal faves that will meet your needs, expectations and more. Continue reading to find out more…

White Classic Collar Thobe

A go-to favourite. A faultless classic. Behold! Our white-collar Thobe. Can be styled both ways (day or night) tailored, this comes in a range of sizes matched with a high collar. For the modest man that likes to keep things simple.

Bronze Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Something a little different here, one of our summer inspired Omani Thobes, soft to touch, short sleeved with a front zip, subtle V-neck detailing. Stylish yet comfortable.

White and Silver Diamond Detail Thobe

For the modest man that likes a bit of bling, here we have our luxe, soft finish Thobe with diamond detailing on the front. Let this Thobe be a highlight of your night.

Navy Omani Thobe

For you statement makers out there. We introduce you to our navy, Omani style Thobe. Soft material (of course) with a front design and buttons along with pockets. Turn heads in a good way and stay practical.


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