Styling The Moroccan Thobe

Styling The Moroccan Thobe - CAVE

It's officially time to switch up your wardrobe, and if there's a staple for your closet, it's a versatile Moroccan style Thobe. Perfect with jackets- smart or casual, sneakers to smart shoes. Get inspired by some of the newest styles of the season to wear Moroccan inspired Thobes!

From the mosque to the office, our selection will accompany you on every occasion. The right way to style a Moroccan thobe is the discreet need that every man needs. We have taken the trouble to find the perfect men's Moroccan style Thobe for you.

The right style of Thobe/Jubba has everything to do with finding the right style that fits your personality. From a Moroccan Thobe to a hooded Jubba, below are the styles we think will suit your needs and make a great addition to your wardrobe!

Mustard Qatari Thobe

A casual Thobe in mustard alongside pockets on either side, representing Palestinian colours in a stitched design can be dressed down for your easy, go-to look!

White and Orange Zipped Collar Thobe

A bright and fresh-looking Thobe provides the ultimate summer vibes. With orange detailing, fading out from the front zip is a modern look to suit every day during those hot summer months in Morocco.

White and Gold Diamond Detail Thobe

Gold detailing provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to this simplistic Thobe. Already tailor made for a dressed-up look, this style of Thobe is perfect for evenings and other special occasions.










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