The Hidden Truth About The Nike Burkini

The Hidden Truth About The Nike Burkini - CAVE

Nike catering for the modern Muslim woman has always been a topic of discussion in recent years, from the famous Nike Hijab to now the Nike Burkini. But what are the true intentions behind Nikes new marketing product? Are we spending our money for the product itself or the brand? In this case, it is for the famous Nike branding. In London, you can access so many similar alternatives to the Nike Hijab and burkini.

Are they using our religion to profit? From the Hijab to the burkini? It is very likely; it is nothing new as there have been other brands which have already catered to the same ideas. The innovation is not here with the burkini as it has previously hit market long before Nike introduced their latest product. Buying the Nike burkini is a potential waste, due to the price point being higher than other alternatives.

For a Muslim, the Nike burkini is nothing special ladies, there are a variety of different options available on the market that you can choose from without breaking the bank for the brand. Let the Cave show you some alternatives which are worth looking into!

Black Cotton & Silk Hijab

An ideal breathable and lightweight material suited for the warmer months. Made from cotton and silk, a no brainer

Black Soft Touch Kimono

This versatile kimono is a perfect finish to your outfits, soft and ideal for any occasion.

Khaki Long Shirt Dress with Belt

This modern shirt dress in khaki comes with a belt and front button detailing, an alternative to the traditional Abaya.


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