The Palestinian Thobe

The Palestinian Thobe - CAVE

In addition to the usual Thobes you would expect to wear, the Palestinian Thobe is a  noteworthy trend that you should know about right now: Thobes from Palestine will easily help you to make a statement and remain stylish at the same time.

Even if you are still figuring out your perfect Thobe style, there's no question that you need one of the best Palestine design Thobe. They have been a symbol of timeless culture for a long time. A modern look you will always go back to no doubt!

If you want to look good yet stand out from the crowd, the Palestine Jubba is easily a great choice for your wardrobe with a large selection of styles to choose from, turn-heads with our top picks.

White Palestine Qatari Thobe

This statement thobe with the Palestine flag colours perfectly stitched around the collar and front of the Thobe is a subtle touch alongside the white which is perfect to be mixed and matched with a range of different accessories and jackets.

Mustard Qatari Thobe

Be different with this Qatari Thobe… in the colour mustard, a seasonal yet interchangeable colour. Palestinian flag colours are also added around the collar and down the front of the Thobe for something just a little different to add into your collection.

White & Blue Omani Thobe with Tassel

A bright and breezy Omani style Thobe with Tassel is perfect for those long summer days. Details of blue on the cuffs, collar and pockets can be transitioned from day to night. Feel on trend with this Thobe for only £39.99!

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