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Every man should have a Thobe in his dressing room. We said it there.

There is no exception. Putting on a beautifully designed Thobe increases your spirits, praises your self-confidence and makes you a man for whom details matter. Even if you don't wear it often, be it for a wedding, interview, or funeral, you are likely to need a sleek, tailored Thobe look at least once a year.

And, sure, while a decent Thobe will make you feel a million dollars (figuratively speaking), with so many Thobes out there, chances are you could fall flat and end up looking pretty awful. Every leading style figure has at one time or another donned a Thobe, whether it's Omar Burkan or Prince Zayed (and, to be honest, they know how to get it right).

With that in mind, we thought it was time to put together the ultimate Thobe guide. Whether you are looking for a cotton Thobe suitable for the winter months or a wedding Thobe that does not break the bank, we can (and will) help you. And before you hesitate and think you can't afford any of the following thobes, you're wrong. We offer you the best Thobes for men, regardless of your budget.


Wedding Thobes

For a typical wedding, formality must be in the foreground. "A versatile and always elegant wedding thobe that flatter your proportions is the best option and the one chosen by our tailor. If there is a color scheme, it is better to follow it. When in doubt, a normal medium grey thobe combines with everything, while a navy blue Thobe is versatile and favors all complexions. When choosing a Thobe, always remember that there is no time or space for a blazer when wearing a vest.

"Weddings on sunny days are suitable for more informal thobe styles in lighter shades with softer constructions (less upholstery and canvas). And while a wedding breaks the bank yourself, your guest attire doesn't have to. Whether you choose a casual Omani Thobe or luxury collar Thobe, there's something for every budget without compromising on fit.


Summer Thobes

With the turn of summer, it will be possible to change Thobes. Unlike their winter-friendly countrymen, summer Thobes should be naturally lighter, cut with more luxury lightweight fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, and sun-reflecting tones to reflect the warmth of the summer in the city. You can even choose Thobes in vibrant colors such as yellow and purple.

If you are wearing a summer Thobe, you also have the option to play a little more, maybe change into short sleeves or casual lightweight Omani Thobes. 


Tailored Thobes

While you can get some standard one size fits all Thobes on the high street right now unless you're built to model-sized specifications, chances are an off-the-peg fit will always be a little off. And that's why ready tailor-made Thobes is a great invention.

Ready tailor-made Thobes means that you can get your perfect fit Thobe without the hassle of hiring a tailor, this is a Thobe that's ready-made fit which is ready to wear for your special occasion.

If you're looking for a Thobe that fits like a glove, then you're probably going to want to try out Caves ready tailor-made thobes.
Nowadays, most Thobe brands offer a standard one size fits all however at Cave we have a variety of designs with the perfect tailored fit for you even if you are an XS or an XXXL rest assured we will have just the right size for you!


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