Worth It Thawbs for Sale

Worth It Thawbs for Sale - CAVE

It is important to all of us to immerse ourselves in the world of exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious materials. But let's face it, whatever our shopping budget may be, who would be against spending less?

We love a good bargain here at Cave, especially when there are Thawbs for sale!! Who doesn’t love a good deal for great quality Jubbas? In today’s economy, saving a bit of money here and there is becoming more of a norm.

We want to help you save money but not make you lose out on the quality of these Thawbs. We have picked out some of our best Thawb sales which can be worn throughout all the seasons for your convenience. Continue reading to check out our top sale Thawbs!

Navy Omani Thobe

A perfect addition to any modest man’s wardrobe, the perfect shade of blue to be worn for any occasion, day or night- made from soft Korean material and V-neck detailing along the chest- ideal.

Gold Omani Thobe

Occasional or casual- a more luxe colour to be admired. With front button detailing and soft-touch material, look put together with this Jubba

White and Red Velvet Collar Thobe

An occasional piece from us without the price tag! Soft material and tailored fit with structured sleeves and cuffs with a collar included, ideal for weddings and Eid

Cream Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A summer look with this cream, short-sleeved Jubba. Can be worn with a cap/hoodie over the top when it gets colder, this comes with a zip fastening on the front and pockets, all this without breaking the bank! 

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