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The abaya market is always growing, especially in the UK. With so many options to choose from. Whether it is flared abayas, simple abayas or detailed. Which ones are worth having in your wardrobe? You want a style that is on trend, modest, versatile, affordable, comfortable, flattering etc. Cheap abayas are not worth investing in as over time, the wear of the abaya shows on the fabric.

Abayas in the UK, especially London is very easy to find, if you are browsing through Whitechapel market, Green Street in East London, the Cave and so on.

Whether you prefer plain black, a tie-waist belt, coloured, embroidered. Finding the perfect style, the most flattering fit, and just the right amount of stretch is no easy task, and there's nothing wrong with having a little help. To save you the hassle of trying to find the best abaya on the market today, At the Cave London we have picked the best quality abayas that we think you will love!

Black Open Front Abaya with Buttons

A style you can always go back to, an effortless abaya will last for years in your wardrobe and taken out whenever you are struggling to piece a look together or something easy and quick yet still look put together. A subtle pleated finish with front buttons.

Rust Kimono Sleeve Abaya

Flared sleeves for elegance, a tie-waist belt and button detailing, high collar and front pleating, simple yet sophisticated. A perfect choice for that upcoming event you’re looking forward to.

Khaki Long Shirt Dress with Belt

Something different from the abaya yet still modest, this khaki number is perfect for your daytime look. A tie-waisted belt and front buttons, buttoned sleeves with a collar, will leave you looking modest yet stylish.


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