Best Short Sleeve Thobes For Summer

Best Short Sleeve Thobes For Summer - CAVE

On the summer horizon, we can finally look forward to well-deserved sunshine, tea and outdoor adventures. A man can't always look stylish when he's equipped for the summer heat. Since there are many barbecues in the garden and people move outdoors, the fabric of our clothing is becoming increasingly important in our men's summer fashion outfits.

So, we thought, why not provide you with some options of our best short sleeve Thobes to help you deal with those warm sunny days and cool evenings. Thobes with short sleeves will keep you feeling cool as well as looking cool.

For summer fashion, it is a good rule of thumb for Thobe fabrics to choose natural fibres over synthetic fibres. Fabric cut material with loose, lighter fabrics that let heat escape. Although cotton is a top priority in virtually every pillar of men's summer style, we've introduced a few trendy pieces that will give your summer wardrobe a boost this season.

There is no need to roll up your sleeves but pour yourself a drink and immerse yourself in our men's summer fashion guide for the best Thobes with short sleeves!

Cream Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Give your white Thobe a break and opt for this cream short-sleeved Thobe made from the finest Korean material for a soft finish. Includes; two side pockets and zip fastening, ideal for warm days out in the sun!

Bronze Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A more neutral toned Thobe, also from soft Korean material, can be worn both in the evenings and the daytime for family functions, Jummah or Eid!

Grey Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

For all you grey lovers out there, this option of Kandura Thobe is ideal for any occasion, can be worn with a sweatshirt/hoodie for cooler evenings and will keep you fashion-forward for the summer months.

White Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A cult-classic but also summer approved. White can reflect off the heat to keep you cool on particularly hotter days in the year, two pockets on either side for convenience, zip fastening down the front and will be perfect alongside a fresh pair of white kicks!


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