Cave Thobes Vs Al Aseel Thobes

Cave Thobes Vs Al Aseel Thobes - CAVE

The options of Thobes available can be difficult to know where to spend your money. Whether it is Aseel Thobes or Cave Thobes, we essentially aim to find you the best Jubba brand. Here we have given some examples to help you decide which is the best Thobe brand. You don’t want to spend your precious time faffing about to find the right Thobe for you.

With other brands such as; Al Aseel, it is hard to trust where your Thobes are coming from, with a range of websites available, claiming to sell Al-Aseel Thobes, Cave provide authenticity and quality when it comes to our Thobes.  

At the Cave London, we take pride on bringing to you the best fashion forward, modern, modest pieces for the modern yet trendy Muslim. A space offering the best creativity has to offer. Ranging from the best quality Thobes in different styles and colours with a variety of different sizes available as well as a reasonable price tag, what’s not to love?

The Cave is your one stop shop, whether it is for you, a loved one or as a gift. We have got you covered. Choosing on the best quality at reasonable prices, we think in the minds of the consumer. Our easy to navigate website and checkout provides convenience for our customers. Based in London, wherever you may be, we offer international shipping to a range of different countries.

Cave have limited edition Thobes available in comparison to Al Aseel, being true and unique in our choice of designs, colours and fabrics, reasonable prices and so on. Keep on reading to see some of our examples for the best Cave Thobes on the market today.

Black Pleated Omani Thobe

This black thobe can go with anything, an essential versatile colour, made from polyester in an Omani style, this will not go out of style. This Jubba also comes in a range of sizes.

Grey Omani Thobe

This is something a little different, a little unique from your average Thobe. In a grey colour which is on trend and neutral, the softest material and side pockets. This is what stands out from other Thobes on the market and we are here for it!

White Classic Collar Thobe

Aside from something a little different, we had to add a classic thobe staple in there. A versatile no brainer, can be worn for all occasions, dressed up or dressed down. It’s a yes from us!


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