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Cute Baby Thobes - CAVE

We have found that the best baby Thobes, whether you are a parent who loves matching outfits with their baby or finding the perfect gift for someone. Trying to find Thobes in general can be a strenuous task, let alone finding baby Thobes on top of that. There are not enough options available on the market to cater to young children especially Thobes for babies.

When exploring options for baby Jubbas, we have made it a priority for you as a parent for this to be your one stop shop that offer options in style, price and size. Babies tend to grow up fast, therefore, investing in a Jubba that your child can grow into will help provide convenience in the long run and help you to get more for your money.

So, where do you go to find baby and children’s Jubbas? You go to the Cave. Look no further when it comes to trying to find the right baby Thobe. If you are trying to buy this as a gift or for your own little one, continue reading.

Navy Omani Kids Thobe

Ranging from ages 0-3 months- 13 years. Also available in men’s sizing, perfect to match with Baba. This Jubba is made from soft Korean material, front buttons, pockets and V-neck stitching across the chest.

White One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

Perfect for mosque, Islamic school, special occasions such as Eid or weddings. This ideal all white, one-piece Thobe with attached collar is effortlessly easy yet smart. At an ideal price point, you have got nothing to lose!

Mocha Studded Collar Kids Thobe

One of our popular choices of Thobes from our kids’ range, a stylish and on trend colour is perfect for all occasions. We rate this for Eid in particular, with button stud detailing on the front with subtle stitching and added collar and comfortable, we guarantee this little man will be looking fly!

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