Daffah Thobes: Are They Really Worth It

Daffah Thobes: Are They Really Worth It - CAVE

While time has passed and fashion has changed, especially in the world of modest fashion, including Daffah thobes. High-street retailers are stepping up their game by introducing more modest options for the fashion-conscious Muslim. Nowadays, more and more men are opting for a daffah Thobe instead of an ordinary Thobe. Although daffah Thobes are just an option on the market alongside other style of Thobes.

These Thobes can be styled with a necklace around the collar, a sweatshirt over the top with the collar showing as a subtle flex or wearing it alone for your smart, go-to look. This style option really ties any look together which can make you feel more put together. Which, in turn will not only make you look good but feel good.

In addition, they are a smarter style option to go for and is incorporating a slight western feel with the collar attached. They are a great choice for a lot of events and can be worn on casual days. These thobes whether it is a simple daffah Thobe white, black or designed, they are a good choice for modern people. We have narrowed down our best daffah options to let you know whether they are worth purchasing.

With Daffah Thobes being at a higher price point, we offer the same quality, modern designers without the price tag. Bearing in mind the range we have available is more than Daffah Thoubs. With the Cave, you will be getting more for your money in all aspects when it comes to fit, quality, fabric, colour, design and so on.

White Classic Collar Thobe

A good choice of Thobe you can go to and can be worn for all occasions. Made to fit as a high collar, a very sophisticated and classic look in a simple white can be tied in with any accessory and shoe.

Grey Satin Buttoned Collar Thobe

A more up market style for my suave fellas out there. This Jubba comes in a satin finish in a stylish grey, you really cannot go wrong with this one. Another collar and buttoned down the front, a very modern take on the ordinary daffah. Put your best foot forward with this one- it’s a 10/10 from us!

White and Orange Zipped Collar Thobe

Our choice for that summer fit. Whether you`re going to Egypt or Jordan, this fresh Thobe is bound to keep you looking and feeling cool. A modern style for a modern man. Faded orange down the zip, with an orange print both on the cuffed sleeves and inside the collar. Wear with fresh white kicks to complete.

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