Dish Dash - Cave

Dish Dash - Cave - CAVE

As relaxed as menswear has become over the past decade, there's room in every wardrobe for one or two damn good Dish Dashs. In fact, tailoring is best when you use it because you want it, not because you need it. A Dish Dash that you wear to daily is your best friend. A Dish Dash that you wear for yourself sets you free.

So, as intuitive as it sounds, it's the best time to buy a Dish Dash now. There's a reason why you should choose the right Dish Dash. This means all sorts of cuts, colors, patterns and everything God knows makes wearing the Dish Dash more fun to wear.

The best Dish Dash in any wardrobe is one that fits perfectly. Get the flagship street Dish Dash from Cave offering tailored fit in all sizes. With a huge range of various designs.


Designer Dish Dash

Designer Dish Dash

Although known as a synonym for custom-made products, The Cave has long been offering ready-made Dish Dash with classic cuts and craftsmanship, but without waiting times or credit card-flattering price tags.

Cave has a large selection of designer dish dash with many different colours. Each designer Dish Dash has been made to perfection using the finest materials across the world. Our favorite is the Cotton Metal Cuff Dish Dash which is launching on Ramadan 2020.


Casual Dish Dash

Casual Dish Dash

Cave is a family brand worldwide, thanks to the quality and style they consistently offer in all their products.

Meeting these criteria for causal Dish Dashs would be a great idea because you know what you are likely to get and it eliminates much of the trial and error that can occur when choosing a random Dish Dash from a random brand.

The 100% cotton Dish Dash has a tight fit with tapered sleeves and a thinner cut on the chest and waist. This is an ideal option for those of you who may be a little taller or even someone who is thinner than average. Due to the tight appearance, you can at least highlight those parts of the body that should look impressive.

Not only that, but especially this Dish Dash is not made of iron. As men, we LOVE convenience. We also usually hate ironing. We don't want to have to iron in the afternoon before work. It's not fun and it's not what we want to do.


Occasional Dish Dash

Occasional Dish Dash

Cave occasional Dish Dashs are made of high-quality materials. A small amount of spandex is included to ensure a small stretch. In addition, the material has good sensitivity and moisture absorption. This way, you can feel good all day, since you never drown in your own sweat, which is a problem with some cheaper Dish Dash.

Not only that but this Dish Dash suits every occasion. It can be used for parties, appointments, work or weddings, to name just a few.

In terms of sizes, the size is the same, which means you don't have to worry about buying more than one size to see which one fits you best. The fit is thin. So, if you prefer a generous fit, you can buy a larger size.

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