Essentials Styling Tips for Hooded Thobes

Essentials Styling Tips for Hooded Thobes - CAVE

Hooded Thobes are not only stylish but comfortable. A casual spin on the classic Thobe that can be worn in a variety of different ways. Thobes with a hood is very much on trend and comes in different styles and designs.

It may look like there is a lot to know about good style but looking sharper than 99% of the other guys is easy and just requires that you do small things properly. For example, wearing the right Thobe for the right occasion and how to make it your own.

We have taken the time to help you do the things to be on trend. You can thank us later. Check out our tips on styling the hood Thobe!

The Cave Black Arabic Hooded Sweatshirt

This hooded sweatshirt is effortlessly casual in black and can be styled in several ways, this can be worn over any casual Thobe. Perfect for colder days whilst looking fresh. A 10/10 from us!

White Classic Collar Thobe

The perfect versatile Thobe that can be styled in all types of ways. In a classic fit and colour, this can be worn with all hoodies/sweatshirts, caps and shoes. Easy peasy.

Black Metal Buckle Collar Thobe

Another sophisticated statement that is a staple in a modest man’s wardrobe. Black can be styled and suits any colour accessory.



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