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Everyday Khimars - CAVE

The khimar is the same as hijab or `covering of the head` which is a longer piece of fabric mainly covering the chest and shoulders. Cheap khimars can come readily available and can be worn for every day, whether it`s online or from markets.

The best khimars are comfortable that you can wear daily. For the modest woman, khimars are as useful as anything else in your wardrobe. From classic styles to different colours to different fabrics, we have put together something for everyone.

Khimars can go hand in hand with abayas. At the Cave London, we have picked some alternatives to khimars and suited abayas which are just as worth looking into.

Beige Cotton & Silk Hijab

Ideal for warm weather in the sun, this soft and light hijab is perfect for the change in seasons, can be worn for casual or occasional wear.

Black Jersey Knitted Hijab

A long piece of material, ideal for layering/styling, made from the finest jersey material with a soft touch and stretch for the ultimate comfort.

Brown Soft Crepe Hijab

This hijab comes in maxi and regular, machine washable and comfortable for everyday wear. You will get the most out of this hijab at a great price for just £15 including tax- a solid 12/10

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