Facts About Al Haramain Thobes

Facts About Al Haramain Thobes - CAVE

Let’s talk about Al Haramain Thobes for a minute and the difference between their brand and ours. When it comes to choosing the right Jubba, you want to go with a piece that will last and is made from good quality etc. Al Haramain Jubbas is a brand that does not fit this criteria. The quality of their materials is poor, whereas a lot of our own fabrics are made using the finest Korean materials, giving a lot of our Jubbas a soft finish as well as satin options for our more occasional pieces.

Tailoring is also very important. The best Jubbas in our opinion is not only making sure it feels good, but it looks good when tried on. If you go to buy a suit and its either too big or too small, what do you do to make sure you buy the perfect suit for you? You get it tailored. This should also be the same for our Thobes. Al Haramain fail to achieve this standard.

The best Thobes on the market can also depend on the design and style. It`s 2020, you want something fresh and modern which is on trend in the current market. We at Cave choose designs that are exactly that. Why waste your money on the same designs all year round that gets boring and dated over time? Al Haramain is a no go from us. So, here are some of our best pieces meeting style, fit, price and fabric for you to enjoy.

Navy Pleated Omani Thobe

One of our bestselling Thobes and rightly so, this navy coloured, subtle pleated Thobe includes embroidery across the chest with our classic V-neck style along with fitted cuffs. A button opening and pockets included.  

White and Black Velvet Collar Thobe

For the modest man with high standards. Perfectly finished with velvet along the collar and cuffs. Of course, this Thobe is tailored, suited for weddings or Eid.

Beige Satin Basic Collar Thobe

A go to Thobe perfect for spring and summer, simple but let the colour and fabric speak for itself. Comes with a front zip, tailored yet comfortable to wear, available in different colours and can also be worn for all occasions.

White Jersey Soft Collar Thobe

A classic Thobe with a subtle difference. Jersey material on the sleeves can be rolled up for your casual daytime look. A zip front and can be worn throughout the seasons. How convenient.


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