Facts About Moroccan Jubbas

Facts About Moroccan Jubbas - CAVE

Time to talk about Moroccan Jubbas. Did you know, the Moroccan Jubba is mostly known as a Djellaba. These Jubbas are made from wool but lightweight for the climate. This has grown and is becoming more and more popular.

A statement Thobe for your closet is a must. From unique patterns, colours and styles, a culture to be admired. A Jubba in a Moroccan style can be worn for special occasions, abroad or day to day and be personal to your own unique taste. There are a variety of these designs on the market today.

Any jacket, coat, shoe or sneaker will do just nicely with these Thobe styles. Here`s our spin on this style that will bring out the best in you and your style as well as bringing you comfort.

Burgundy Omani Thobe

A colour like the colour of the Moroccan flag, this Thobe is ideal for warm summer days and nights. A deep rich colour to be admired. Made from the best Korean materials. Subtle embroidery to finish.

Royal Blue Omani Thobe with Tassel

Another bold colour to be desired. This royal blue Thobe with black tassel detailing and V-neck stitching with buttons is perfect for all occasions, from sipping tea on a warm evening to haggling at the souks. This Thobe has you covered.

Gold Omani Thobe

A muted yet luxury Jubba, suited for casual days to a fun-filled evening with family and friends. This Thobe comes with pockets, the unique embroidery across the front and of course, made from the finest fabrics. A modest man with class.

White Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

This short sleeved, white Thobe will keep the sun off your back will keep you cool. A V-neck style and pockets on either side and front-zip. Easy to wear, dress it up or dress it down with any accessory. We are on side with this one.

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