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The word hijab has all sorts of different interpretations behind it. Essentially it is to `cover`. It is a form of self-identity, a part of our livelihood, a form of empowerment, a representation of faith, it defines who we are and what our main purpose is in life. For a Muslim woman, hijabs are a part of our identity. We can use this to express ourselves by the choice of hijab that we choose which is best for each unique individual.

Whether this is breathable hijabs to help us in the warmer months, soft crepe hijabs for comfort, jersey hijabs for versatility, at the Cave London we have countless hijabs in a variety of different colours, styles and textures to choose from.

These hijabs at the Cave are not only comfortable and stylish, they are affordable. Hijabs in the UK are readily available. Whether you are starting your collection, refreshing your hijab-drobe or wanting to add some key pieces, we have got you covered!

Continue reading to check out our favourite styles, perfect for occasional, casual or for daily wear. The Cave is your one-stop-shop to all things modest and on-trend!

Black Soft Crepe Hijab

The one versatile colour that is a staple in a Muslimah’s wardrobe- perfect for all outfits of different colours, you simply cannot go wrong. Soft and light, this can be worn daily- add this to your everyday line up!

Taupe Crinkle Soft Crepe Hijab

This one is giving me all the neutral vibes in one! Perfect for all seasons, the right shade of nude can be worn with a variety of different outfits and have you looking well put together. A breathable and soft number can also be worn for all occasions.

Khaki Cotton & Silk Hijab

Branching out of the neutral tones with this one but still keeping it wearable, a personal fave- the ideal shade of green and complimentary to colours such as whites, creams, black and beige- this has got you sorted for all seasons!

Grey Cotton & Wool Hijab

A popular choice to be admired and rightly so! Made from the best quality, this soft number can be worn with any outfit. Can be worn for all occasions, a perfect size for layering/styling- we say yes!



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