How A Burberry Thobe Can Inspire Your Wardrobe

How A Burberry Thobe Can Inspire Your Wardrobe - CAVE

When you hear the name Burberry, you can think of tradition and timeless quality standards. Innovative use of gabardine, a waterproof, tightly woven cotton inspired by the loose linen gowns of the English shepherds and farmers.

Famous for its beige and neutral tones in check design, this can really be something different in your wardrobe. The subtle detailing along the cuffs and collar is enough to be noticed yet muted enough to not be too much.

The Burberry Jubba is another trend piece along with the Gucci Thobe. However, we have chosen certain Jubbas that is along the same wavelength that is different yet inspiring and can be worn for all occasions.

Cream Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Inspired by Burberrys neutral tones, this colour is ideal for warmer seasons. Using soft Korean fabrics, this Jubba comes with pockets and a front zip and detailing across the chest to represent the popular Omani Thobe

Brown Satin Buttoned Collar Thobe

Fashion forward and on trend, this satin Jubba will be a timeless classic in your closet for years to come, being along the lines of beige, famous amongst the Burberry brand. This Thobe also comes in gold.

Black and Red Omani Thobe with Tassel

This black Thobe has a soft finish, with red inspired detailing, front buttoning and pockets, ideal for the sophisticated man.

Mocha Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Sticking to the neutral tones, this unique mocha coloured Thobe, perfect for warmer days. A colour that will last for years, made for a soft touch. You’ll be looking elegant yet feel comfortable


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