How To Style An Arabian Thobe

How To Style An Arabian Thobe - CAVE

Yallah yallah, it is time to talk about Arabian Thobes. The perfect Thobes from Arabia could set you back hundreds or even thousands. But don’t worry, Cave have got you covered as to how to style a Thobe like Arabs but not pay Arab prices.

From all the colours under the sun, different types of fits and materials, you are spoilt for choice. However, the way you style these Thobes is also key for the fashion forward man-on-deen to keep you looking fresh. But you don’t need to worry about all that as we at Cave London have done all the hard work for you and managed to narrow it down to a few key pieces to help you stay on top of your A-game. Keep reading to see how you can look stylish for less!

Brown Satin Buttoned Collar Thobe

Drip with sophistication with our satin touch Thobe. A perfectly inspired luxe-feel thobe can be styled both ways, from coffee mornings to Arabian nights.

White & Silver Diamond Detail Thobe

Diamond detailing Thobe, perfect for a man with class. A design to be admired, made from the finest quality and tailored fit. We guarantee you`ll step in with elegance.

Mocha Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

Start your day right with our Omani thobe. Short sleeved, perfect for warm days in the sun. Pair with a jacket on top for when it gets cold. Check out our range of sweatshirts here>:

Triple Sand `WOW` suede Arabic Cap

Made with suede material, this Arabic lettering cap is versatile and can be styled with any Thobe. Exclusive only to the Cave, pair with one of our sweatshirts, jacket or on its own to personalise your own style.

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