How To Wear an Arab Thawb The Right Way

How To Wear an Arab Thawb The Right Way - CAVE

Finding the right Thawb is no easy task, even for us here at the Cave. Honestly, the Thawb market is so saturated and full of options that it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which ones are best for you. Arab Thawbs are becoming more and more on trend within the modest market. Especially Arab-style Jubbas!

It is particularly difficult to be clear about important things like quality and to determine which Thawb fit what occasions, while being distracted by unique colours and your favourite brands and whether it fits the `trends` available today. As cool as it may be to have an extensive Thawb collection, the best way to find your perfect everyday Arab style Thawb that can fit all occasions and be worn time and again.

Fortunately, the Cave London team has spent countless hours testing the wide range of Thawbs on the market, so you don't have to. These Jubbas have passed the test of the combination of fashion and function. Each of them is worth becoming your first choice, from the all-time classics to the fashion forward Jubbas that help you stay stylish and comfortable with the latest modest trends. Check out how you can wear an Arab Thawb the right way and how you can get one now.

White Classic Collar Thobe

Versatile, effortless, easy yet sophisticated. A great choice if you want to go for an Arab style- this one will definitely stand the test of time with all the trends available every season and rest assured, for any occasion- this is the one if you are stuck on what Jubba to choose!

Burgundy Omani Thobe

Arabs love to be bold as well as sophisticated. This statement burgundy Jubba is made from the finest quality with a soft detailed V-neck finish along the chest. Perfect for evening attire

Beige Satin Basic Collar Thobe

A more muted yet on trend option. Can be worn both casually and formally. Along with our standard tailored fit with collar and front zip will ensure you look well put together.

Black Metal Icon Collar Thobe

Finally! the pièce de résistance to our top Arab style picks is this black metal detailed Thobe which screams luxury and class. Finish the look off with a smart blazer and shoe to go from a 10 to a 12.


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