Is The Nike Hijab Really Worth It?

Is The Nike Hijab Really Worth It? - CAVE

The innovate and most talked about in the modest world is the Nike hijab. Nike have stepped up and introduced the Nike Pro Hijab on December 1st, 2017. Being available at select retailers and online in over 20 countries. Has come with mixed reviews.

Nike being one of the most iconic sports retailer and accommodating the needs of Muslim females in the sports sector has been a release worth putting in the history books. The Nike Hijab is made from similar fabric used in performance sportswear. It is designed to not hinder performance, to keep you cool and comes in different sizes to not alter the `adjustment mechanism` to avoid adding extra weight to the fabric. Lightweight and fully durable, soft material and breathable. Easy to wear and does not untuck when competing or when you are working out.

A hijab by Nike means no woman should limit their performance. Helping us to reach new heights. If you invest will you achieve and go to greater lengths in the world of sports/athletics? No woman regardless of her faith should be limited in these circumstances.

However, the hijab by Nike…is this just another money-making scheme for Nike to appear more `diverse`? Are they really considering Muslim women when making this hijab? Are they a few years too late?

Here we have some great alternatives at the Cave at an affordable price. No funny business here. Continue reading to see what picks we chose.

Black Jersey Knitted Hijab

A light and breathable fabric for the ultimate comfort and daily wear. This can be stretched and is perfect for your hijab collection. Whether you are starting out or you`re advanced, you cannot go wrong with this one

Black Cotton & Silk Hijab

Another comfortable piece that is worth considering, also lightweight and breathable- this one is ideal for warmer days such as Spring/Summer

Grey Jersey Knitted Hijab

Another breathable hijab for daily wear- in grey, this one comes with good stretch and comfortable to wear- you can`t go wrong, right?


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