Luxury But Low-Price Thobes For Sale

Luxury But Low-Price Thobes For Sale - CAVE

Did somebody say Thobes for sale? We all love a good bargain nowadays. It is a no brainer to know you have a good deal for what you are buying. Fashion will always be changing and evolving, you don’t want to be forking out loads of money for an item that might not be on trend next season. When Thobes are involved, this could be the colour or style etc.

We want quality but not the price tag. It`s understandable. One of the things we pride ourselves in is providing affordable, on-trend, modern Thobes made from only the best fabric. We think in the minds of our customers to ensure you are left feeling satisfied.

If you are looking for cheap Thobes that does the job or looking for Thobes on sale in general to save you some money, you have come to the right place. Check out our top sale Thobes, exclusively to the Cave.

White Pleated Omani Thobe

An all-white pleated number, a staple Jubba in our opinion. With comfort in mind, V-neck pleating, pockets and cuffs, it is all in the detail with this one. Treat yourself and say Cave hooked you up.

Mustard Qatari Thobe

Be bold, stand out and be on trend with our mustard Jubba with tassel and Palestinian colours in the stitching across the collar and down the front, comes with two side pockets for convenience.

White and Red Velvet Collar Thobe

Nothing says luxury quite like acred and velvet Thobe. Put them both together and we have a high-class, elegant trend. Velvet finishing across the collar and on the cuffs, using the finest fabrics and tailoring. Suited for your special day, Eid or a nice evening out.

Grey Satin Buttoned Collar Thobe

Modest, on-trend, modern. Put the right foot forward with this satin Jubba. Ideal for all types of events, day or night. Collar, pockets, front buttoned detailing included.


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