Modanisa or Cave?

Modanisa or Cave? - CAVE

Modanisa as an overall brand cater to the market by creating large batches of items for consumers. With an overwhelming website, there is simply too much to choose from. Quality control can be so easily be missed.

The Cave offer a more simplistic and easier way to shop online, producing smaller quantities with better quality, you know you will be getting good quality items for your money. Limited stock means we can provide pieces which are unique and not so readily available on the market that everyone is rushing to buy. For example, Modanisa produce similar or the same designs throughout the seasons using cheap materials, missing the point of providing a service for their customers by introducing unique pieces made using the best fabric, which at the Cave, we pride ourselves in doing.

Modanisa Abayas are very much the same style and fit. Whereas, the Cave provide Abayas which are unique yet modest and can be worn for a variety of different occasions. For example, not only do we provide exclusive Cave Abayas, we took it a step further and provide Cave Kimonos. A unique twist to modest fashion.

Modanisa hijabs are made using cheap fabrics which reflect through the price point. On the other hand, Cave hijabs are picked taking into consideration the high-quality materials and colours which can be mixed and matched. Neutral tones provide an element of class and style. Here we have chosen our classic pieces which will last in your wardrobe and make you look effortlessly put together.

Black Open Front Abaya with Buttons

This is the way to do a classic modern Abaya with a twist. This Abaya is open with front buttons, pleated and is both stylish yet comfortable. A solid 10/10 you cannot go wrong

Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not go with this unique yet sophisticated Kimono with cut out lace detailing around the cuffs and hem. A perfect occasion piece.

Black Soft Touch Kimono

Our simple black, soft Kimono can be paired with any of our slip dresses or pair with a pair of trousers and smart top for a more casual look.


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