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The rise in modest fashion is slowly starting to rise. There is a gap in the market for modest Muslims. The phrase "modest fashion clothing" somehow has a negative repetition, and I'm here to set the record. Modesty does not mean ugly or that you must hide completely. Instead, simple modest fashion clothing is elegant and sophisticated.

With summer around the corner it can be hard to find pieces that keep up with the modest aspect of being a Muslim woman yet comfortable enough to keep you cool during hot days in the sun and still look well put together. Sometimes, the high street simply does not cut it when it comes to catering to our needs in this niche market, they try but its just not enough.

These simple modest fashion clothing are designed to help you look and feel good. You can still look feminine and comfortable - all these good things - without feeling completely out of place. Check out our top picks which are fashion-forward and ticks all the boxes.

Khaki Long Shirt Dress with Belt

A unique colour, perfect for casual days out. Paired with front buttons down the front and with a tie belt, this dress comes in different height lengths and sizes from petite to tall, what’s not to love.

Black Soft Touch Kimono

This black simple yet elegant kimono can be paired with a range of different colours and will complete your look. Pair with any slip dress underneath, a chiffon hijab for your evening look or one of our soft cotton/silk hijabs for your daytime vibe

Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

A beautiful piece with lace detailing along the hem and flared lace sleeves is perfect for Eid, a wedding as a guest or any other special event/occasion. Pair with our Cave grey slip dress to complete. Other colours will look great with this such as- white, cream, black and any shade of nude/pink



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