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Modest wear is the only item that can see you through all seasons if styled correctly and the type of material used is so important in keeping you warm or cool. There is literally modest wear clothing everywhere including high street retailers if you pick the right pieces and put together your look correctly, some of which can be used time and again.

If you are looking for an all-round dress on the market that you can wear for your casual summer plans, on Eid, a fun day out with your sisters, a special event- you should pay attention to comfortable fabrics and styles.

A modest wear dress are the easiest items to style. However, this can be switched for modest abayas instead and you will still look on point. Continue reading to check out our favourite pieces shop now at the Cave.

Navy Blue Maxi Shirt Dress Abaya

This dress/abaya is suited for all occasions, ranging from petite to tall heights to make sure it hits you at just the right length, including all sizes, front hidden button detailing, cuffed sleeves and subtle pleating is perfect for all seasons

Grey Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

Modest clothing does not have to be plain and simple. Let this kimono do the talking with a stunning lace design along the hem, flared sleeves and the right tone of grey can also be paired with our matching dress, put your best foot forward.

Grey Soft Touch Slip Dress

A staple piece for your wardrobe, this will accompany any of our kimonos and abayas. Such a versatile colour to have handy, perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

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