Most Popular Ways To Style A Luxury Thobe

Most Popular Ways To Style A Luxury Thobe - CAVE

Luxury Thobes are entering the world of street style in every season, and we are enthusiastically browsing for these Thobes in every season. These incredibly unique styles that liven up your look in a moment that is outstanding. They are modern, simplistic, yet elegant. Sometimes, however, it is the luxury Thobes that you simply cannot say no to because they are exactly that - luxury.

For the sophisticated and stylish gentleman, a luxury Thobe is a must-have! A well-chosen luxury Jubba is a subtle touch that leaves the connoisseur recognize you for the cultured and fashion-conscious guy you are. We have picked out the best luxury Thobes for you to make a statement!

White Metal Icon Collar Thobe

A colour to be desired,  tailored design and fit, with cuffed sleeves and metal detailing and front pocket to finish. Perfect for all special occasions, pair with any shoe and accessory!

White and Red Velvet Collar Thobe

This red detailed finish with a velvet touch around the collar and cuffs oozes luxury. Taking this Thobe from ordinary to extraordinary, suited for that special day!

 Black Metal Icon Collar Thobe

A luxe feel to the black Thobe, with zip detailing and metal finish. Timeless and effortless, tailored fit and cuffed sleeves will have you reaching for this piece time and again.

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