Most Popular Ways To Wear An Abaya Dress

Most Popular Ways To Wear An Abaya Dress - CAVE

Fashion is always evolving, and this means it is also evolving within the modest market. With so many options to choose from, it may be difficult to pick. Especially choosing items that can be styled in different ways. For example, you may think,  what is the best way in styling an Abaya dress? How to wear an Abaya dress? Etc. The Cave provide interchangeable and versatile pieces us Muslim ladies should have in our wardrobe. Styling an Abaya dress outfit should not be a chore if you pick the right pieces that is versatile and neutral yet is still fashion-forward.

Abayas have a simple vibe. You know the ones that you can wear with minimum effort and it literally give you extra minutes in bed every morning before getting ready. Our goal for today, is something that is good quality, effortless yet stylish and easy to mix and match with other clothing items. It is still comfortable to wear all day but looks chic and well put together.

Abayas can be an open front with a tie belt, paired with mom jeans, kitten heels and a white shirt for a casual day time look. Alternatively, you can pair an open Abaya with a slip-on dress and heels for your night time look.

The best Abaya dresses are found at the Cave. Offering exceptional quality Abayas. From statement pieces to neutral which can be layered, dressed up or down for any occasion.

Navy Blue Maxi Shirt Dress Abaya

This beautifully made, navy blue number may be exactly what you are looking for. Effortlessly pleated, front button details, cuffed sleeves. A perfectly comfortable and trendy piece

Black Soft Touch Slip Dress

A staple must have! Start off with this piece and layer with an open Abaya/Kimono. This can be paired with any other colours; you can mix and match too.

Mocha Soft Touch Slip Dress

If you are more into neutral tones, why not go for this gorgeous Mocha coloured dress, perfect princess vibes and can be worn for all occasions!

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