Quick Guide: Modest Prom Dresses

Quick Guide: Modest Prom Dresses - CAVE

Modest prom dresses in the UK can be difficult to find. It might not be the right style, length, colour or fully lined to make it modest. The Cave offer prom dress styles for Muslimah’s that are on trend, comfortable and made using the best materials.

The beginning of prom season always triggers a seemingly endless flow of dress options which aren’t quite right, followed closely by a little panic as you frantically search your wardrobe and nothing is quite right for your special event.

The art of finding the right prom dress is a very fine balance. Whether you are looking for an Abaya style prom dress or a Jilbab prom dress or just a fully lined, simple prom dress, it needs to reflect your style and personality. It is also the perfect opportunity to dress up yet remain comfortable throughout the evening. You want to look good so you can cherish the photos for years to come!

We have put together our favourite modest prom dresses to help you solve your modest fashion problems!

Mocha Soft Touch Slip Dress

This gorgeous Mocha coloured slip dress is the perfect simple dress that can be worn under any open Abaya/Kimono.

Rust Kimono Sleeve Abaya

This Burgundy inspired Abaya with a tie belt, flowy sleeves, and front subtle pleating with front button detailing. The perfect modest occasional dress!

Grey Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

This perfect occasional Kimono in grey comes with beautiful a beautiful hem laced design, this can also be matched with a grey slip dress to complete your look.

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