The Arabic Cap Trend

The Arabic Cap Trend - CAVE

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Arabic Caps have emerged as one of the latest fashion trends. Whether they are worn to hide your hairline or to match the colour on your outfit we all have varying reasons. But with everyone having unique head shapes and multiple designs it can become a lengthy procedure choosing the right one.

Our highly popular Arabic caps vary in style, colour, and design. For those struggling to come to a decision we have selected our top 3 Arabic caps for you… so get your thinking caps on when choosing!

1. Triple White Dreams [Ahlam] Arabic Cap

White Dreams Ahlaam Arabic Cap Dubai London

 With the summer fast approaching our triple white dreams cap featuring the word ‘dreams’ in 3D Arabic embroidery is an essential. This simple curved baseball cap with a cotton mesh back has a one size fits all style so don’t worry about your head size on this one. The white cotton on this cap will reflect the suns heat leaving you cool no matter the temperature.

2. Black On Black Patience Arabic Cap 

Arabic Cap Patience SABR London

Black on black Sabr Arabic Cap is unparalleled when colour coordinating, it simply works with any look. The understated look on this cap has everything you need, including patience. The distressed detail depicts the bitter sweet reality of having patience. Made from 100% cotton fabric.

 3. Tom Hardy Love Arabic Cap

Tom hardy love hubb arabic cap camo

 Known officially as the Tom Hardy Arabic Love Cap hat after his surprise visit to our store. This trucker hat stands out in urban areas but camouflages well with nature. Love tends to be associated with lighter colours but we’ve revolutionised the concept with this one. Its unique curved peak provides a comfortable and superb fit for all cap wearers.


If you are in London make sure to visit our flagship store in East London with all the latest Arabic Caps from our new collection and for everyone else make sure to check us out online at and follow us on Instagram @thecavelondon.

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