The Best Kids Jubbas

The Best Kids Jubbas - CAVE

If parents had a button that could freeze time, you'd better believe it - and not just to protect children if they still have round cheeks and a zero posture. No, it is to prevent them from growing out of their kids Thobes so quickly! If it looks like you've just finished buying many Thobes for kids, it's time to buy a new one.

Online shopping for children is the saviour of parents, as they can buy these Jubbas for kids in the next size (or two or three) while they are still sitting around in toddler Jubbas. Whether you are looking for timeless, classic design or trendy fashion, here you will find the best kids Jubbas.

Navy One Piece Collar Kids Thobe

An occasional style, this kids Thobe in navy offers sleeves that are fitted and cuffed will make any child look smart!

White and Grey Faded Collar Kids Thobe

This 100% polyester Thobe with grey detailing and two side pockets is a modest yet fashion forward Thobe perfect for Eid or any special occasion.

Teal Pleated Omani Kids Thobe

A casual spin on this Jubba in an Omani style. A unique colour will make a fashion statement. Embroidery detailing and pockets, this Thobe comes in a  range of sizes from ages 4-13!

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