The Best Kids Jubbas

The Best Kids Jubbas - CAVE

From school, to mosque, to play dates to events to holidays. Finding the best kids Jubbas can be tough. Something that can be mixed and matched, suitable for both day and night, a versatile kids Jubba that will last and not break the bank and will have both child and parents’ approval.

For busy mums and dads, it can be tricky to find good quality Jubbas for kids. You want a functional Thobe that keeps its shape and colour after countless soiling and stains in the washing machine. But you also want it to be cute, something that expresses your child's personality and doesn't take itself too seriously. In order to find the best Jubbas for children that have a good balance between fashion and function, we have chosen the best Kids Jubbas. So, sit back and relax!

Navy Omani Kids Thobe

One of our best-selling pieces from Cave, this Thobe comes in ages 2.5-13 years, true to size, a great fit and made from soft material in a stylish navy with detailing along the chest and buttons down the front.

White and Black Velvet Collar Kids Thobe

An occasional Thobe with a velvet touch across the collar and strip on the sleeves. Buttoned detailing on the front and cuffs. Perfect for Eid.

Black One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

A stylish yet elegant one-piece Thobe in black is an all in one fit, the collar adds a hint of sophistication. Buttoned detailing on the cuffs and pockets.

White and Orange Zipped Collar Kids Thobe

A stylish summer inspired Thobe, with orange cuffs and orange print on the inside of the collar. A versatile piece with unique detailing will make any child look fly.

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