The Difference Between A Jubba & A Thobe

The Difference Between A Jubba & A Thobe - CAVE

What is a Jubba? What is a Thobe? It’s fair to say there can be speculation as to whether a Thobe is a Jubba or Thobe and vice versa or even Kaftan. The difference between a Thobe and a Jubba is absolutely nothing!

Both names essentially stem from different backgrounds. For example, Arabs call it Thawb, Pakistan and Bangladesh call it Jubba or even Jubbah. When it comes down to it, whichever name you like to use, it is the same piece of clothing. Although, the traditional ankle-length material is usually long-sleeved

Nevertheless, whatever name you like to call it, there is no right or wrong. Have a look at our popular Thobes/Jubbas!

Burgundy Omani Thobe

A stylish rich/deep red burgundy Thobe, using the best fabrics from Korea, the finish of this is exquisite. Subtle stitching is along the chest in a V shape, this comes with pockets on either side for your convenience.

White Pleated Omani Thobe

An all-white wonder Jubba, perfect for your everyday activities. Made for comfort and pleated detailing and pockets. Also comes in black!

Teal Omani Thobe

The popular Omani Thobe is back! This time in a statement teal colour. White detailing is included along the chest with a soft finish. Looking good has never been so easy!

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