The Four Open Abayas We Love

The Four Open Abayas We Love - CAVE

Open Abayas are a great alternative to the traditional Abaya. Open Abayas are becoming more of a common fashion trend in the UK. Black open Abayas can tie your look together and can be worn for all sorts of different occasions. Open Abayas can be worn with mom jeans and a white shirt for your daytime look or with a slip dress of any colour to take your look from daytime to evening.

Abayas that are open are becoming more readily available and is a great addition to add to your collection. These can be worn throughout all the seasons, whether you are looking for simple open Abayas or something a little more extra, the Cave have got you covered.

You can find open Abayas all over London, but you will not get the same quality and fashion forward designs from the markets at Whitechapel like you would at the Cave. Continue reading to see our recommendations on the open Abayas that we love!

Black Soft Touch Kimono

This simple yet soft black open Abaya is a great starting point to kick start your new 2020 collection. Suited for all occasions, a versatile addition worth having

Mocha Soft Touch Abaya

If you are someone that likes to experiment with colour, this soft touch Kimono is something worth looking into. Our soft fabric, in this beautiful Mocha colour will have you looking chic and put together.

Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

An ideal candidate for that upcoming special occasion, whether it is for a wedding, Eid or an evening dinner. This laced design on the hem and sleeves is sophisticated and occasion worthy, 10/10 recommend!

Grey Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem

For our neutral ladies, this one is a great alternative, yet still fashionable. Our lace hem detailing will complete your look. Pair with our grey slip dress for a seamless look.

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