The Hijab Used To Make A Turban Hijab

The Hijab Used To Make A Turban Hijab - CAVE

The turban Hijab is a great alternative for all seasons. However, finding the right Hijab for turbans can be tricky, taking into consideration the length and material.

The Cave offer a range of different scarf fabrics that can be used for a turban style.

You might be wondering how to make a turban Hijab? A good starting point is finding the right Hijab to do the job. Look no further because we have you covered sis. Cave Hijabs are a great starting point to get you going. Our Hijabs are made using good quality materials. For example, our jersey Hijabs are not only lightweight but are stretchy, so they are perfect to pull and tuck when styling your turban. Cotton and silk Hijabs are super soft and elegant to wear that are also a great length to fold and layer.

Continue reading and see our top picks for turban Hijabs!

Beige Cotton & Silk Hijab

This Hijab is lightweight and soft, made using the best fabrics and ideal for warmer months. The colour is a suited neutral tone and can be worn with a variety of different colours.

Black Jersey Knitted Hijab

This black jersey material can be stretched, ideal for turbans as it can be tucked and folded with ease. A game changer and perfect to add to your collection.

Grey Cotton & Wool Hijab

Add this to your everyday Hijab line up. Soft and made from great quality, this hijab is also breathable and is comfortable to be worn all day.

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