The Stylists Guide To Wearing A White Thobe

The Stylists Guide To Wearing A White Thobe - CAVE

From a pseudo-statistical point of view, the white Thobe is one of the staple pieces that can take you from day to night. Whether it is a basic white Thobe or a luxury white Thobe. It is a quiet background player, safe and reliable, but rarely something to get excited about. Still, the white Thobe deserves a little more love than it usually gets. It is the perfect garment for the many events in life that are not formal at all but are also not casual. This can either be dressed on its own for a casual day time look, if it is slightly colder out, opt for a hoodie on top. If taking it to night, opt for a smart jacket and any shoe/sneaker.

If you're not sure which white Thobe to wear, considering which Thobe to go for is not an easy choice to make, let alone how to style a white Thobe. Our top picks are well worth the effort and deserve a place in your collection. They've been the most coveted year after year and they'll be a great choice in the coming season as well. Are you ready to see our summary of the stylist`s guide to wearing a white Thobe? Read on to see and buy them below.

White Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A great thobe to have in your collection, made with the best fabrics making this casual Jubba soft to touch. Pockets for your convenience and subtle detailing of bronze making this an everyday piece to interchange with an accessory of your choice!

White and Grey Zipped Collar Thobe

A long sleeved modern everyday Jubba can be paired with any accessory, jacket and/shoe or worn alone with the faded grey zip. Cuffed sleeves which can be folded to reveal a grey reversible print, adding a little modern sophistication to your day.

Triple Black Sabr/Patience Distressed Arabic Cap

This black cap goes well alongside the white Thobe which is perfect for your daytime thing. Effortless yet put together, one size fits all with our Arabic font with a standard peak. You`ll be looking fly.

The Cave Grey Arabic Hooded Sweatshirt

This hooded sweatshirt with Arabic text is a perfect fit alongside our white Thobes and can be added to your everyday line-up! Using the finest cotton with a hood and front pocket, our unisex style offers versatility yet a modern spin on the plain hoodie.

White Palestine Hooded Sweatshirt

Want to make a statement? This fitted sweatshirt is made for just that! The Iconic logo stated both in the back and front, mixed with both cotton and polyester, coming in a Unisex style and front pocket. Let your style do the talking!

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