The Top 5 Halal Skincare Products

The Top 5 Halal Skincare Products - CAVE

Halal Skincare products

 Skincare has become a massive part of people’s daily routine. While there are many general skincare products available to purchase from the high street, there has been a huge up-rise in the recent years with organic and Halal skincare products.

What are Halal skincare products?

Halal skincare products. are products that do not contain ingredients such as pork, dead animals, blood, alcohol, animals that are not slaughtered in the correct manner.

Halal Beauty is for everyone who looks for beauty products that are cruelty free and organic. Halal skincare products are also considered vegan and vegetarian as there is no animal ingredients used.

Our Top 5 Halal skincare products

Here is our list of our top 5 favourite Halal skincare products which are all available to purchase from 


 1. Natural Rose Mist

Natural Rose Mist

This simple yet effective Rose mist is one of our favourite Halal skincare product. It simply contains Rose Floral Water. With its delicate rose petal scent, the mist delivers extra hydration to your skin before you put on your moisturiser, soothing it and locking in moisture so it's not over-burdened with too much product. It's ideal for sensitive skin and rosacea and gives skin a dewy finish. Keep one in the fridge all summer for cooling shot!


2. Raw Coconut Lip Tonic

Natural Organic balm

A deeply nourishing balm for lips which combines the hydrating properties of Sister & Co. Coconut Oil and virgin avocado and almond oils with the softening, protective properties of raw shea butter and pure beeswax. Infused with delicate and soothing Bulgarian rose and sweet cardamom. 100% natural, vegetarian (beeswax), gluten & dairy free, made with certified organic ingredients. 


 3. Clear Complexion Facial Cleansing Bar

Natural cleansing bar made from skin superfood Shea Butter, and crucial cold pressed oils to give your skin a healthy glow. The light exfoliating properties contained in this bar is from the high-quality nourishing Rhassoul Clay, sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. With regular use the bar will repair and heal the skin- resulting in an even complexion and radiant glow. 


4. Superseed Facial Formula

For use in place of cream moisturiser, use this deeply concentrated blend of rare and precious Amazonian cacay seed oil, packed full of natural retinol and linoleic acid, and organic rosehip seed oil, rich in vitamin E and key omega fatty acids, to help restore an even skin tone, minimise the appearance of fine lines and deeply nourish, leaving skin glowing and hydrated. 

5. Black Gold Elixir – Nourishing Facial Oil

Black Gold is the ultimate Halal nourishment for healthy skin!
24K Gold Infused In Black Seed Oil 
Rich in Omega 3, 6, Vitamin B, C, E, and Antioxidants.
Use as an oil cleanser, moisturiser, or as a makeup base/primer.
Helps to restore the look of vibrancy to your skin
Nourishes your skin, thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained in our oil.
The Black Seed helps to repair your skin while the other beneficial oils help to fade away marks or scars from old acne/pimples. 
A great moisturiser, thanks to its fatty acids which help to encourage a youthful look.
24K Gold flakes, which is great for collagen boost for the skin and fights wrinkles thus delays ageing.
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