The Hypebeast Colouring Book For Sneakerheads

The Hypebeast Colouring Book For Sneakerheads - CAVE
Sneakerhead Colouring Book
Cave London releases the world’s first ever Sneakerhead Colouring Book For Adults in September 2018 at Sneakercon London.
The highly in demand Hypbeast Sneaker Colouring book illustrates and outlines detailed depicitions of 35 exclusive sneakers to drop in the culture shared by so many; all waiting to be brought to life through colour of your choosing. This crisp ivory paper accentuates and compliments your chosen colour palette; the smooth finish simultaneously allowing for beautiful blending and gradient techniques without feathering the surface. Suitable for all those seeking solace through colour.
Sneakerhead Colouring Book
The Hypebeast colouring book features exclusive sneakers such as Yeezys, Off-whites, Nike Air Jordans, Nike Airmax, Nike Sean Wotherspoons, Balenciagas, Valentinos and many more.

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