Tips for Busy Parents Buying Kids Thobes

Tips for Busy Parents Buying Kids Thobes - CAVE

When it comes to being a parent, time management is essential to ensure things run smoothly. Especially when it comes to finding the right Thobe for your child. Finding the time to do everything can be draining.

From preparing lunches, cooking, cleaning, working, picking the kids up from the mosque run, let alone trying to find the right Thobe to accommodate this. If you are looking for toddler Thobes or kids Thobes. Cave are your one stop shop.

We have included tips and tricks that can help reduce time in the long run and make the lives of parenthood that little bit easier, how can you refuse? Thobes for kids and especially Thobes for toddlers can be difficult to find, especially if its last minute. Whether that is for a special occasion such as; Eid, a wedding or mosque. It can be tricky, we get it!  

At the Cave we want to be your one stop shop for all things modest, convenient and on trend. Check out the ultimate guide we have put together for your convenience to help you save time!

Navy One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

A one-piece (all in one) Thobe including a collar with cuffs and structured sleeves, an exclusive Jubba as a potential piece for your child’s wardrobe. Can’t go wrong, right?

Black One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

This all in one Jubba is back but with a different colour- black! You really cannot go wrong with this colour mama and baba, an all-rounder for all occasions, easy to put on and this comes in a variety of different ages at a great price that will last in your child’s wardrobe!

White One-Piece Collar Kids Thobe

Perfect for mosque, Eid, or any other occasion, a classic white, all-in-one Thobe. An easy yet sophisticated choice with a smart collar and subtle detailing with cuffs included. The right staple to have and ideal for last minute planning.

White and Grey Zipped Collar Kids Thobe

This one is more of a trendy piece, with a grey faded zip detailing on the front with a collar will have your child looking oh so cool. This Jubba comes in ages 4-13. Perfect for Eid wouldn’t you agree?

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