Top 4 Gift Ideas For A Muslim Wedding

Top 4 Gift Ideas For A Muslim Wedding - CAVE

Islamic GiftsGiving Gifts seems to be one of the hardest and most thoughtful things that you can do whether it be for a birthday, wedding, special occasion etc. It can get tough especially when looking for Gifts for a Muslim Wedding.

Personalised gift items seem to be highly popular as it adds a personal touch but can be time consuming and a lot of thought.

So for you last minute gift shoppers here are our top 4 gift ideas for a Muslim wedding which are all available at Cave;

    Nikah Wedding Gifts
    The Nikah Gift Box is a simple and yet effective gift option as it makes it easy to add a variety of gifts which can all fit into one box without making it look too overwhelming. The Nikah Gift Box text has been laser cut onto a wooden gift box with a lock mechanism.
      Nikah Wedding Card Islamic Wedding Islamic Gifts

        The Nikah wedding card is one of our top sellers and has been for a few years! A cute laser etched detailed card made from recycled paper. Two fingerprints overlap to form a heart – the universal sign of love. A note card that can be kept as a momento, framed or used as a bookmark. It can also be added to a memory box.

        Habibi & Habibti Mugs

        These are defiantly one of our favourite gift options for a Muslim wedding. Made from bone china these mugs are very cute for a new bride and groom. A cheap and simple option for a gift which saves you a lot of endless searching!


        Natural Reed Diffusers

        Natural Reed Diffusers

          The Natural Reed Diffusers are a perfect gift for a new couple’s home. The Diffusers are made simple as a gift as they are ready made in wooden gift boxes which makes is effective and clean. They make an amazing gift for a new home with 3 unique natural fragrances.



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