Trends You Need To Know: Gucci Thobe

Trends You Need To Know: Gucci Thobe - CAVE

Thobes are coming into the designer market with many high-end modest wear such as silk scarves, Gucci scarves and now the Gucci Thobe. There are many luxury brands that are easily recognisable these days with the likes of mainstream media, but should it be incorporated to our modest clothing that we take pride in?

Whether it is Gucci thobes for men or kids, we will be giving our top pics of our take on the famous `Gucci design` thobes with more streamlined, classic pieces that will provide you long-term quality and comfort as well as easy style that will compliment the Gucci Thobe rather than having it as a Thobe itself.

For example, sneakers, watches, scarves, jackets etc. subtlety is the way forward. With fashion forever changing every season, accessories are longer term investments which will help you get the most out of your money. Keep reading to check out our top choices for Thobes that are not so in your face but will keep you in check when it comes to the latest men’s modest trends and will not go out of style for time to come!

Off White Shirt Collar Thobe

A subtle way to style up your current wardrobe that will make a great addition. A shirt inspired Thobe with collar and cuffed sleeves in off-white can be worth with a sweater over the top, a tie etc. our take on blending the classic men’s shirt with the modest mans Thobe.

Triple Black Omani Thobe with Tassel

Nothing says luxury quite like the colour black does. A kandura inspired Jubba, perfect for all occasions with pleats across the neckline and cuffs. Designed to keep you comfortable throughout the day whilst looking classy.

Teal Omani Thobe

A statement but timeless teal coloured, Omani style Thobe with tassel provides for all occasions and seasons. A modern style and quality fabrics with black stitched detailing across the neck.

White and Black Tuxedo Shirt Collar Thobe

For the man that likes to make a statement. Is this Thobe for a wedding, Eid, event, mosque, work? This Thobe incorporates the tuxedo elements of a collared shirt, cuffed sleeves, black detailing all in one. Simple yet extravagant enough. An all-rounder.

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