Ultimate Guide: Omani Thobes

Ultimate Guide: Omani Thobes - CAVE

Looking for the perfect Omani Thobe? At The Cave London you will find a variety of different selections of our Omani Thobes for either yourself or as the perfect gift. Style is always changing and evolving, but the importance is choosing a thobe which will make you feel good and look good.

When to wear an Omani Thobe? This can either be for mosque, a charity event, Eid or even your wedding day! If you're looking for inspiration or want to improve your Thobe game, here is a summary of the best Omani Thobe/Jubbas for men. We have selected the ultimate guide suited for every occasion.

Black and Red Omani Thobe with Tassel

Soft with red detailing in the style of a V-neck, pockets on either side for convenience and tassel to add something a little different into your every-day line-up which can be suited to all occasions

Triple White Omani Thobe with Tassel

This staple colour is a must-have in every modest wardrobe! Practical yet comfortable with cuffed sleeves, paired with any shoe, jacket or accessory, you can`t go wrong!

Grey Short Sleeve Omani Thobe

A simplistic, casual short-sleeved Omani Thobe, made with the best Korean material giving a soft touch, with a zip fastening and pockets. Perfect for summer days, can also be worn with a jacket or hoodie over the top.

Gold Omani Thobe

This gold Jubba finished with embroidery can be dressed up or dressed down, versatile yet elegant, you cannot go wrong. 


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